September 4th. Once again. 
To most of you such day has no relevance further than being an ordinary day -just like other days-, but to me the September 4th means something very special. Five years ago, on a day just like this, I began the coolest and most fantastic experience in my entire life: that wonderful exchange to the USA. A experience that, in some ways, changed our lives and made us grow personally, but also gave us away new friends that, to this day, still are a fundamental part of our lives.
To those people who made that experience possible, I would like to say thank you for being so wonderful, so passionate, so inspiring, and for being by my side despite all these years. I'm glad I knew you there.
And to commemorate such happy time, I bring you some pictures about Liberty Island. Hope you enjoyed very much!



Located in northern Flanders, the city of Antwerp -Antwerpen in Dutch- is not just a trade center of international projection, but also a cultural and dynamic hub, a living example of Flanders's prosperity, both old and new. A beautiful city that you should not miss if you are in Belgium -or in the neighbouring Netherlands-.
For many -and I add myself to this category- the most beautiful spot in the city is the Grote Markt, a great square in the heart of the city surrounded by pretty guildhouses and the Stadhuis -or city hall-. The atmosphere there is just wonderful.



A welcoming home for the Bohemians, and an oasis of peace in the middle of all madness. 
A vibrant, golden city during the day, and a nightly paradise after sunset. 
Let the painter find its muse; 
let the writer taste its youth;
lost in the middle of Paris,
la ville que j'aime comme un fou.



As soon as you arrive in Zurich, you find one of it's finest buildings: Zurich Hauptbahnhof. Zurich main railway station is not just a place to pass by when you are about to catch a train. Indeed, the station itself is a rare piece of art, and the perfect welcome gift once you get off the train.

After walking down the Bahnhofstrasse -which links the main station and downtown Zurich-, a beautiful square captured my attention. It's Paradelplatz, the home of CreditSuisse and UBS banking corporations, two of Switzerland's most renowned and largest banking companies. I was really fascinated about the beauty of the CreditSuisse building, the headquarters of the Swiss company. Such a great place to get to know Zurich.

Later, I headed to Zurich University -literally Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, or ETH Zurich in German-, which is located on a hill. From there, the views of Zurich are just amazing, without forgetting about the magnificence of ETH Zurich building, another jewel to include in my personal list of Zurich gems.
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Gante, la ciudad que vio nacer al emperador Carlos V, es además una de las más bellas ciudades de Flandes, y por ende, de Bélgica. Surcada por suntuosos canales, la capital de la provincia de Flandes Oriental es toda una joya que no puedes dejar de visitar si te decides por Bélgica para alguna escapada.
Uno de los puntos claves es sin lugar a dudas la plaza de San Bavón -Sint-Baafsplein-, donde se encuentran la catedral de San Bavón, el teatro de la ciudad, y el campanario de Gante -o Belfort-, a cuyo pie se encuentra el famoso conjunto escultórico Mammenlokker, uno de los emblemas más representativos de la ciudad.
A tan sólo unos pocos pasos se encuentran la plaza del Korenmarkt -o mercado del maíz-, y el canal del río Lys, en cuyos márgenes se sitúan Graslei y Korenlei, las dos calles más importantes y hermosas de la ciudad, un lugar apacible que desde luego invita a sentarse en una de sus numerosas terrazas y disfrutar de la magia de Gante, aunque sólo sea por un instante. Y aunque sólo estuve un día allí -el viaje en tren desde Bruselas no alcanza siquiera la hora- me encantaría volver y reeditar todas aquellas brillantes experiencias.
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¡Saludos a todos!